m2What's new in mbrace2?

The new generation of Mercedes-Benz in-vehicle services connects you to your world like never before. Along with its many convenience, security and navigation features, it brings the Internet to your dashboard with useful apps and easy connections to your social media.

Safety & Security

Driving Journal

See where your Mercedes-Benz has been driven on an online map.

Travel Zones

Set up virtual boundaries and be alerted if the vehicle travels across them.

Valet Protect

Set up a boundary on your smartphone, and receive a text-message alert if your car exits this "virtual fence" area.

Speed Alert

Set driving speed limits online and be alerted, via a choice of communication methods, if the vehicle exceeds them.

Remote Vehicle Access

Remote Lights & Horn

Help locate your car in a crowded lot, or call attention to it in an emergency, by remotely sounding the horn and flashing the exterior lights.


Using Google Maps on your computer, you can search for a destination and define an exact route of your preference. Route2Benz lets you send this detailed route, not just the destination, directly to your car's COMAND navigation system.

Mercedes-Benz Apps

Internet Browsing

Surf the Web while you're safely parked, using the built-in browser of your car's COMAND system.

Google Local Search

Wherever you drive, use Google to find destinations, then see them with Google's Street View and Panoramio. You can save your search results, call listed phone numbers, and start navigating with just a few clicks.


Search actual user reviews of restaurants and businesses with Yelp, and navigate directly to the destination of your choice.


Stay connected to friends with Facebook, and navigate directly to places where they've checked in. You can also post to your Wall, manage friend lists, and check into locations yourself.


Keep up-to-date on the latest online news from around the world. You can even share news stories via email or Facebook.