Remote Access

Remote Vehicle Controls

The most enjoyable drive begins on your desktop.

With Send2Benz™, mbrace lets you find a destination on your computer and upload it directly to your car's navigation system. From Google Maps™, the Search & Send™ and Route2Benz features let you send an address, or even an exact route you choose. There's also a toolbar widget you can download that lets you highlight virtually any address on your computer screen and send it to your car with two clicks. (Disclaimer)

Vehicle Diagnostics

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Potholes, spent fuel and unexpected hazards unfortunately effect most drivers at some point. Should you ever find yourself in need of Roadside Assistance, mbrace2 can share vehicle status information with our Customer Assistance Center to help us serve you better. In addition, it enables your vehicle to receive certain software updates wirelessly without inconveniencing you.

Mobile App

When you're on the go, the Mobile App keeps you moving.

With the mbrace Mobile App on your iPhone® or Android™ phone, the convenience of Send2Benz is in your pocket. It lets you send the address of a point of interest, or even someone in your own contacts, directly to your navigation system. And if you need to pick someone up, Drive2Friend lets them transmit their location to your car simply by replying to a text message you send them. The Mobile App also helps you find your way back to your car, letting you pinpoint it on a map if you can't remember where you parked. (Disclaimer)

Addresses and Maps

Like keeping your car in your pocket. Only more comfortable.

Forget where you parked at the mall? Your Mercedes-Benz can show you on a map. Not sure if you locked the doors? Tap, touch, done. With the mbrace Mobile App's remote vehicle controls, peace of mind is as close as your smartphone. You can even sound the horn. Or lock and unlock it from the Web or with a phone call to mbrace.