How-To Videos

Our owners videos are designed to help you get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz. Your vehicle can memorize the seat settings, vent the interior before you enter and communicate with your garage door opener. These topics and many more are covered here.

Mercedes Benz youtube

Lights and Mirrors

  • MY12_166_TurnSignal.flv

    Turn Signals (00:59)

    Learn how the Combination Switch makes signaling for turns and lane changes easy.

  • 008-a_Exterior_Light_Switch.flv

    Exterior Light Switch (01:03)

    Get illuminated on all the features of your fog, parking and other exterior lights.

Climate Control

  • MY12_166_ClimateControl.flv

    Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control (02:11)

    Learn how to create the most comfortable environment in the vehicle.

Windows and Wipers

  • 006-a_Summer_Opening-Closing.flv

    Summer Opening/Convenience Closing (00:51)

    Discover how to cool off the cabin before you climb in with a touch of the SmartKey.

Doors Locks and Seats

  • 005-a_Tailgate_Height_Limiter.flv

    Tailgate Height Limiter (01:06)

    Set your tailgate's opening height to accommodate a low garage ceiling or similar case.

  • 016-a_KEYLESS-GO_Lock-Unlock.flv

    KEYLESS-GO® (Lock/Unlock) (00:53)

    Using KEYLESS-GO® to lock and unlock your car without the key leaving your pocket.

Seats and Steering wheel

  • 009-a_Seat_Wheel_Mirror_Memory.flv

    Seat, Wheel and Mirror Memory (00:58)

    Get comfortable with saving and activating seat, mirror and steering-wheel settings.

  • MY12_166_RearSeatFolding.flv

    Rear Seat Folding (01:40)

    Fold down the rear seats quickly and easily for maximum space.

Voice Control

  • 010-a_Voice_Control_Individualization.flv

    Voice Control Individualization (02:36)

    Setting Voice Control so the vehicle can recognize and follow your verbal commands.


  • LoadEjectDiscChanger_NTG40_212_207_MY11.flv

    Load/Eject Disc Changer (01:42)

    See how to make quick work of loading or ejecting CDs and DVDs.

System Settings

  • 015-a_Setting_The_Clock_COMAND.flv

    Setting the Clock (COMAND®) (01:27)

    See how to manually set the date and time for daylight savings or a new time zone.

Engine and Transmission

  • Keyless-Go_Start-Stop_MY11.flv

    KEYLESS-GO® (Start/Stop) (01:30)

    Using KEYLESS-GO® to start the engine without the key leaving your pocket.

Care and Maintenance

  • SmartKeyBatteryReplacement_MY11.flv

    SmartKey Battery Replacement (01:37)

    Learn how to replace the battery in your vehicle' s SmartKey.