Style that performs

A glance becomes a rush: The looks that thrill.

Its sleek lines seduce, slicing not just through the wind but the clutter of ordinary cars. Its sculpted shape and confident stance heighten emotions even before it puts passion in motion. It's athletic yet elegant. Clean yet impeccably detailed. And even though you know instantly that it's a Mercedes-Benz, it's like nothing you've ever seen.

Drama in the details

Singular in many ways: The coupe as an art form.

Standard LED headlamps frame the wide grille, its diamond-block texture radiating from the iconic Star. A power Panorama roof is expansive, exclusive in its class, and included on every C-Class Coupe. And from its frameless door glass to its wraparound LED taillamps, every detail is executed with the eye of an artist and the soul of a driver.

True coupe cockpit

Driving in high definition: An exclusive experience for four.

What defines a Mercedes-Benz Coupe? The way it defines the driving experience. With four sport-contoured seats enveloped by rich materials, sculpted surfaces and flowing spaces, its aesthetics match the car's athleticism. For the driver, every control and instrument is placed, shaped and finished to make every move, curve and mile rewarding.

18- or 19-inch wheels

Rolling stock: Serious wheels for the sporting driver

Wheels don´t just set a car on the road, they set it apart in style and in performance. That's why the C300 Coupes are outfitted as standard with staggered-width 18-inch wheels in a choice of two designs. And it's why there are five more styles, including four AMG® designs and three 19-inch setups, to choose from.

Lower aspect ratio tires and accompanying wheels provide substantially increased treadwear, increased tire noise and reduced ride comfort. Serious wheel and tire damage may occur if the vehicle is operated on rough or damaged road surfaces or upon encountering road debris or obstacles. These tires are not designed for use on snow and ice. Winter tires mounted on appropriately sized and approved wheels are recommended for driving in those conditions. Models without Extended Mobility tires are provided with TIREFIT sealant and a portable air pump. High-performance tires are included with all 19" wheels.


Turbo power

Beauty is in the right foot of the beholder.

The C300's 241-hp turbo inline-4 matches bold performance with impressive fuel-efficiency. With state-of-the-art high-pressure Direct Injection and quick-thinking multispark ignition, it can fine-tune its own performance in mere milliseconds, on the fly. And fly it does, thrusting you from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.9 seconds.

See your dealer for 2016 EPA estimated fuel economy. Compare the estimated mpg to the estimated mpg of other vehicles. You may get different mileage depending on how fast you drive, weather conditions and trip length.
Stated rates of acceleration are estimated based upon manufacturer's track results and may vary depending on model, environmental and road surface conditions, driving style, elevation and vehicle load.

Agile new suspensions

Tuned for agility, and flexibility.

The precise 4-wheel multilink suspension teams with AGILITY CONTROL®, an innovation that instantly firms up in corners while keeping the ride silky. Options include Sport tuning or AIRMATIC, an adaptive suspension that turns pressurized air into poised performance, with a pushbutton Sport mode and automatic leveling at all four wheels.


Five modes, for all your driving moods.

With the touch of a button, DYNAMIC SELECT lets you dial in the car's driving character to your liking. ECO, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes vary the shift points, throttle, steering, efficiency systems and available AIRMATIC® suspension. You can even configure your own Individual mode with full manual shifting via the standard shift paddles.

Confident, sporty 4MATIC

Enjoying the drive is always in season.

The C300 4MATIC Coupe's advanced all-wheel drive continually sends the engine's torque to the wheels that can put it to the best use. On slippery roads, 4MATIC adds to your driving confidence. In dry corners, it adds to your fun. And since it's lightweight, nimble and fuel-efficient, 4MATIC® enhances handling and grip in any climate or season.

No system, regardless of how advanced, can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving. Please always wear your seat belt. Performance is limited by available traction, which snow, ice and other conditions can affect. Always drive carefully, consistent with conditions. Best performance in snow is obtained with winter tires.


Intuitive interaction

Clarity in every sense, for every sense

An intuitive central controller and sleek 7-inch color screen, or an available 8.4-inch screen and touchpad, bring you a world of entertainment, navigation and vehicle options. Clever FrontBass® technology and available Burmester® surround sound entice your ears. There's even an available aromatherapy system for your sense of well-being.

Intelligent Drive

Proactive protection, all for your future

Mercedes-Benz has been innovating the future of driving safety for generations. The C-Class can literally look ahead, and 360 degrees around, to spot hazards in your path. A team of standard and optional systems can alert the driver, assist in braking, and even respond autonomously to help avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians.

Mercedes-Benz mbrace

Constant connections, to set you free.

From your car, computer or phone, mbrace connects you to your world. It puts an ever-evolving array of apps in your car, and on your smartphone, including Remote Start. In-car searches are easy with Yelp and HERE®. You can even enjoy streaming audio and WiFi. Five years of mbrace® Connect features and services are standard.

All Mercedes-Benz mbrace® services operate only where cellular and Global Positioning System satellite signals are available, which are provided by third parties and not within the control of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. Five years of the mbrace Connect package are included with new-vehicle sales and leases at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Subscriber Agreement is required for service to be active. Some services are only available on select vehicles. Your PIN is required in order to use certain services. WiFi requires Premium 2 Package. WiFi and Streaming Internet-based features require an active subscription to the mbrace Entertain Package. Connection may be limited by cellular signal. Apps may be introduced and updated at varying dates, and may also require a vehicle software update. Some services may be limited or restricted in some areas. Driver is responsible for complying with traffic and other laws. See your dealer or for details.

The mbrace Mobile App is compatible with Apple iPhone® models running iOS 7.0 or later, and Android-based phones running OS 2.3 or later.

Available Head-Up Display

Information in view, to keep your eyes on the road.

The optional Head-Up Display puts valuable info closer to your line of sight. Its virtual display appears to "floats" above the hood, ahead of the windshield. The 8-inch color readout lets you keep tabs on your speed, the next instruction from the available navigation, and more. And its adjustable position is stored in the driver seat memory.

Head-Up Display may not be visible with certain eyewear, including polarized glasses.
While the navigation system provides directional assistance, the driver must remain focused on safe driving behavior, including paying attention to traffic and street signs. The driver should utilize the system's audio cues while driving and should only consult the map or visual displays once the vehicle has been stopped in a safe place. Maps do not cover all areas or all routes within an area.