Aluminum spaceframe

30 hours to handcraft its spaceframe. 3.6 seconds to know why.

Super sports-car performance starts with a superlative spaceframe. Strong yet light, its front-mid-engine layout sets up the ideal weight distribution of the SLS AMG GT. It's welded, bonded, bolted and riveted in a 30-hour process that's nearly 90 percent handwork. And only 4 percent of its 530-lb mass is any material other than aluminum.

Carbon fiber components

Carbon fiber on its surface. Competition in its soul.

The SLS AMG GT crosses the finish line for 2015. To commemorate this unforgettable chapter in performance history, the Final Edition is limited to just 350 cars worldwide. Each one brings its racing pedigree to the surface with lightweight, unpainted carbon fiber for its active-ducted hood and aero elements, and forged-alloy AMG® wheels.

Shaped by its purpose

Gullwing coupe or open roadster: Either way, reach for the sky.

Artful in appearance and elegant in motion, the signature Gullwing doors of the SLS AMG GT Coupe pay homage to the iconic 1950s 300SL, whose drivers needed a quick way to enter the car while wearing a racing helmet. The GT Roadster's exquisitely tailored power soft top is engineered to make a quick exit, disappearing in just 11 seconds.

Performance cockpit

The elements of a perfect union: passion, purity and precision.

Every essential is readily at hand, with nothing to distract from driving or detract from its enjoyment. Classic gauges and high-tech displays, exquisitely detailed yet explicitly clear, connect driver to car to road. And from the full-Alcantara® steering wheel to the intuitive E-SELECT console, each control exudes exactly that: control.

Alcantara is a registered trademark of Alcantara SpA, Milan, Italy.


583 hand-raised horses

Most powerful V-8 without a turbo. The most seductive, without a doubt.

Arguably the most powerful naturally aspirated V-8 standard in a production car, the handcrafted 6.3-liter V-8 emits force with finesse. Fortified components deliver 94 hp/liter from just 0.79 lb/hp, for 0-60 in 3.6 sec. Dry-sump lubrication allows its low front-mid-engine layout. And its intoxicating sound is matched only by its intense fury.

Stated rates of acceleration are estimated based upon manufacturer's track results and may vary depending on model, environmental and road surface conditions, driving style, elevation and vehicle load.

Rear-mounted transaxle

Perfectly balanced power. Powerfully perfect balance.

Rigidly linked to the V-8 by a carbon-polymer driveshaft, the rear-mounted 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT® DCT transaxle helps create the car's ideal 47:53 front/rear balance. With four selectable modes, 100-millisecond shifts, a one-button Race Start function and integrated limited-slip differential, it's alarmingly quick yet astoundingly seamless.

Racing-bred brakes

Brakes that go to extremes, to bring you back from them.

State-of-the-art, race-proven braking technology is engineered to rein in the SLS AMG in the most extreme driving. Red 6-piston calipers grasp compound, two-piece floating front rotors that are ventilated, perforated and slotted. For the ultimate in track performance, optional Carbon-Ceramic brakes combine higher force with lighter weight.

Braking effectiveness also depends on proper brake maintenance, and tire and road conditions. The carbon-ceramic brakes are designed expressly for high-performance braking. It is a characteristic of their materials and design that brake noise/squeal may result, along with differing brake pedal feel at lower brake temperatures compared to higher operating temperatures.

Forged-alloy wheels

Forged wheels, for a genuine performance signature.

While their 10 spokes seem impossibly thin, the forged-alloy AMG® wheels are anything but delicate. Artfully framing the massive brakes with machine-polished or optional Matte Black spokes, they team high strength with ultralight weight. Staggered in width and diameter, the 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels balance power with precision.


One Man, One Engine

"One man, one engine". Power that's delivered from one man's hands to yours.

Lovingly handcrafted and signed by its own master technician, each SLS AMG V-8 is also a technological tour de force. Patented Twin Wire Arc Spray coating creates mirror-smooth cylinder walls. Air intake starts with eight velocity stacks, each nearly a foot long. And virtually every internal component is either fortified, lightened, or both.

Handcrafted spaceframe

The core objective of the SLS AMG GT starts at the core of the vehicle.

The aluminum SLS AMG spaceframe is a staggering equation of numbers, processes and materials: some 1,300 body elements, 1,000 rivets, 500 bolts, 230 feet of carefully welded seams and 430 feet of adhesive bonds, taking 30 hours with 90 percent done by hand. The result: each one of the engine's 583 hp need only carry less than 6.5 lbs of car.

An aesthetic triumph

True to its racing heritage, the finish is where it shines.

From its hardware to its heritage, the SLS AMG elevates every measure of excellence. What you see in every contour is as invigorating as what you feel in any curve: Paintwork shimmers like liquified metal. Cabin appointments fit and feel like the finest handmade driving gloves. Each car is an aesthetic triumph of design and craftsmanship.

Final Edition cockpit

Ultimately exquisite. Exacting to the last detail.

With only 350 examples to be created worldwide, the Final Edition cockpit is handcrafted with the utmost care and the ultimate in style. Black designo Nappa leather is highlighted by classic silver accents that evoke AMG's racing heritage. Elements rendered in carbon fiber and Alcantara® derive directly from the model's own motorsports legacy.