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William K. Wagonner

Hope, New Jersey

When the 911 dispatcher asked my name, I couldn’t remember it — I was hit that hard. ”


Robert Davis

When we saw the car, the force of the impact shocked us. ”

1999 E300 Diesel Mercedes-Benz E-Class  

Alexander Brigandi

Westport, Connecticut

I had gone off the highway at 70 mph and landed so far into the woods, passing cars would have never seen me. ”

Mercedes E-Class Sedan Safety and Protection  

Aslam Jawaid

New York, New York

Blocked on one side, I now had only a split second to dart to the other. ”


Martha Melara

San Bernardino, California

I will never forget how my first Mercedes-Benz saved not only my life, but my daughter’s life, as well. ”


Courtney Gibson

Rockport, TX

When my parents bought that C230, they did it because they believed it would keep me safe. Little did they know how soon they’d be proven right. ”


Edgar D. Preissner

Lake Barrington, Illinois

The fire department had to pry open the driver-side door to get my wife out. ”


Michael Costa

Newington, Connecticut

There was no trunk — it had been completely pancaked, and the rear license plate had disappeared into the wreckage. ”

2007 Mercedes C230 Sport  

David Thurn

Riverside, Illinois

A motorcyclist was crossing just ahead of me when his engine apparently failed… There was no possibility that I could have stopped in time to avoid hitting him. ”


Danyse Streets

Jacksonville, Florida

My door began to buckle and I managed to crawl out of the passenger window as the truck continued to push the car. ”


Dr. Joseph J. Sesta

Fort Sill, Oklahoma

There was no time to brake, only the split-second recognition that an impact was imminent, followed by the sound of the air bags deploying. ”

Mercedes ML500 Safety and Protection  

Maureen Lampo

Staten Island, New York

The impact was so bad that her jeans were full of glass, but the only mark on her was a tiny red line left by the seat belt. ”


David D. Johnson

Saint Charles, Illinois

As soon as I applied the brakes, I lost control of the vehicle, which had started to spin. The last thing I remember is going backwards down an embankment. ”


Paul Zavala

Anaheim, California

Prior to this, I had always thought that all vehicles were the same — except that some had features that were more like ‘gimmicks’ installed to induce consumers to purchase them. ”


Rudy Bauer

Sequim, Washington

My wife and I had our world suddenly — and literally — turned upside down by a driver who ran a stop sign and proceeded to t-bone our ML500 at a speed in excess of 50 mph. ”

Mercedes SUV Safety  

Allen Goodloe

Long Beach, California

The entire front end was torn off my 400E… I walked away without a scratch or a bruise. ”