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Robert Davis

“When we saw the car, the force of the impact shocked us.”
1999 E300 Diesel Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Not long ago, our son lost control of his mother’s 1999 E300 Diesel, hit a tree, and totaled the car. To give you an idea of how hard of an impact it was, our son’s foot was pinned beneath the parking brake — broken — and his right hip was dislocated. When we saw the car, the force of the impact shocked us, but things could have been worse — according to the police, for all his injuries, had our son not been driving such a solid car, he could have been killed.

We’ve been Mercedes-Benz owners for the past 25 years because we’ve always been impressed with their engineering, safety, and driving qualities. But now we have actual proof that a Mercedes-Benz can save a life, and one that is dearly important to us.

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