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Aslam Jawaid

New York, New York

“Blocked on one side, I now had only a split second to dart to the other.”

It was about 6 pm, and I was in my S-Class, doing 70 mph on I-95 through Connecticut. Being a Sunday evening, there wasn’t much traffic, so it was a fairly relaxed ride and I was looking forward to getting home. But as I came around a bend in the road, I saw a car broken down in the middle lane with its driver and passengers gathered around it.

At this point I was only about 1000 feet from them, so I had to think quick. I tapped the brakes, turned on the right blinker, and as I started moving out of the middle lane, another driver tried to pass me on the right while talking on the phone. Blocked on one side, I now had only a split second to dart to the other. My heart started pounding, I cut the wheel hard to the left, and… I got around the broken down car and its assembled occupants without incident. In fact, they all stayed right where they were, acting as though nothing happened at all.

I’ve been driving for 25 years and had it not been for my S-Class, who knows what may have happened. I actually kissed my car the next morning.

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