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Dragged by an 18-Wheeler

Christine Favaro, 
Demarest, NJ
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Until the day a tractor-trailer made an illegal u-turn on Monmouth Road, Christine had never been in an accident.
“I can’t even describe the impact and the crash, having an 18-wheeler coming at you at full speed and connecting onto your car.”
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Standing its Ground

More than 60% of the steel in body panels of the Favaro family's 2007 R350 Crossover was of High-Strength/Low-Alloy composition, which is particularly adept at withstanding extreme forces. In addition to adaptive front air bags and side-impact bags, it also featured window curtain air bags extending from the roofline down in all three rows. Today, the Favaros drive a 2010 GLK SUV.
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Passengers and Partners

In June 1959, John Srisch arrived in the United States aboard the USS Indepedence as a refugee, after crossing the border from his native Yugoslavia into Italy to escape communist rule. Waiting for him at the pier was a young woman -- a friend of John’s sister, who was already living in the U.S. at the time. Her name was Antoinette. They have been together ever since.
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Full of Life

Now six years old, Julia Favaro was seated in the back with her grandparents during the collision. According to her mother, she enjoys arranging the living room like a classroom and reading to her “students,” who look remarkably like dolls. Julia also loves to paint, color and draw when she isn’t playing on the backyard swingset with her brother, John.