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Steve Phillips, 
Stamford, CT
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Deborah and Steve rounded the corner, as they’d done a million times before. Except this time, there was an SUV headed straight for them.
“My family is precious to me -- they are what I live for. They are my number one love. They are my number one…everything”
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The Only Thing Left Behind

Steve and Deborah walked away from the accident. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of a special CD made by their daughter, Catherine -- who also goes by “Kasia.”
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Travel Plans

Avid travelers, the Phillips have trekked to places across the globe such as China, Malaysia and Egypt -- and they try to save all of their ticket stubs and admissions slips along the way. According to Deborah, the family keeps a “bucket list” of must-visit destinations that currently includes Peru, Australia and even Antarctica. In her words, they “love seeing different cultures and just getting ‘out there’.”
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Bearing the Brunt

More than 75% of the advanced body structure in the Phillips family’s 2009 C300 Luxury Sedan was built from High- and Ultra-High-Strength steel. The vehicle also featured front and rear crumple zones, as well as staggered underhood components to reduce the likelihood of their intruding into the cabin during a severe frontal impact. Following the accident, the Phillips bought the same car -- a perfect complement to the 1998 E320 Sedan already in their garage.
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A “Rough” Sketch

As reported in the Stamford Advocate on June 13, 2010, a sport utility vehicle traveling south on Long Ridge Road crossed the double-yellow line, sideswiped a car headed northbound and then struck the Phillips head on at about 11:00 am. This diagram from the accident report shows what police found at the scene.