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In a Drunk Driver’s Path

Joe Miller, 
Dallas, TX
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Waiting for the light to change, Joe and his fiancée had no idea the car behind them was approaching at full speed.
“Just chatting away waiting for the light to change, we just got slammed from behind and pushed out into the road.”
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In the Field

An environmental engineer, Joe works with emissions-monitoring systems designed to help chemical refineries and power plants meet the air-quality standards specified by the State of Texas and the Environmental Protection Agency. His constant companion on facility visits: the 2006 Mercedes-Benz R350 Crossover.
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Everything it was Supposed to Do

Engineered with a rear crumple zone that helped absorb the energy of the collision, Joe’s 1995 E320 Cabriolet was also the first production vehicle to include in-door side air bags. Its pop-up rollover bars -- pioneered by Mercedes-Benz in 1989 and still found in the E-Class Cabriolet today -- were designed to deploy automatically from the rear-seat head restraints during a rollover or a severe front, side or rear impact.
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At a Crossroads

Before a drunk driver crashed into him, Joe was stopped at a red light on Oak Lawn Avenue where it intersects with I-35E -- also called the Stemmons Freeway.
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A Picture of Loyalty

You might say that Joe has a single-minded approach when it comes to choosing an automobile. He currently drives a 2004 SL500 Roadster, a 2006 ML500 SUV and his workhorse, a 2006 R350 Crossover.