Lower the roof of the S-Class Cabriolet and it raises the pinnacle of desire. With fresh new style, refreshing new luxuries, and advanced new technologies, it leads a rich tradition of open-air motoring toward a more beautiful future.

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Every day a grand opening.

Offered in four colors, the 3-layer fabric top is impeccably crafted for coupelike comfort, sleekness and outward views when it's up, or vanish in under 20 seconds, even as you accelerate to 37 mph. An electric divider automatically partitions the trunk.



Biturbo power puts the wind in your sails, while an adaptive suspension unravels winding roads. Between the open road and the wide sky, an S-Class Cabriolet has a way of making every drive feel like a deep breath of fresh air.



No car inspires the industry with innovation like the S-Class. Which means the four individually contoured seats of an S-Class Cabriolet give you a front-row, open-air, all-access pass to technologies you won't find anywhere else under the sun.


S 560 Cabriolet

$133,300* MSRP

Engine 4.0L V8 biturbo


Anthracite Blue Metallic


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  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-998.jpg

    Anthracite Blue Metallic

  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-040.jpg


  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-197.jpg

    Obsidian Black Metallic

  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-775.jpg

    Iridium Silver Metallic

  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-988.jpg

    Diamond Silver Metallic

  • 2015-PAINT-SWATCH-992.jpg

    Selenite Grey Metallic

  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-300.jpg

    Emerald Green Metallic

  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-890.jpg

    Lunar Blue Metallic

  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-799.jpg

    designo Diamond White Metallic

  • 2015-PAINT-SWATCH-033.jpg

    designo Mocha Black Metallic

  • 2014-PAINT-SWATCH-044.jpg

    designo Magno Alanite Grey (matte)

  • 2015-PAINT-SWATCH-049.jpg

    designo Cashmere White (matte)

  • Acceleration 0 to 60 mph 4.5 sec

  • Horsepower @ 5,250- 6,000 rpm 463 hp

  • Torque @ 2,000- 4,000 rpm 516 lb-ft