A pinnacle of design

Muscular magnetism: The irresistible power of passion.

For more than half a century, the flagship Mercedes-Benz coupe has advanced the state of the art, with industry-changing breakthroughs and uncompromising pillarless style. The 2017 S-Class Coupe is a enthralling symphony of smooth and sharp. An ideal balance of strong and sensous. And an irresistible blend of power and intelligence.

Exquisitely crafted cabin

Intricately intimate: A handcrafted haven for four.

Sumptuous and spacious, the cabin of the S-Class Coupe is also intensely intimate. Handcrafted finishes envelop four seats, each individually tailored in Nappa leather. Dramatically flowing surfaces and multicolor LED illumination ensconce every passenger. And advanced technology thrusts its legacy of innovation into a brilliant new era.

Pillarless and panoramic

Panoramic perspective: Unconstrained by convention.

A pillarless profile, with no visible framework between the side windows, is a paragon of coupe design. Only one coupe has upheld this tradition without interruption since 1961, advancing safety in seductive style: the S-Class. A Panorama roof expands the view upward, and offers the electronically variable tint of MAGIC SKY CONTROL®.

Soothing stimulation

Effortlessly energizing: Sensations for all of your senses.

The innovative S-Class comforts are at once relaxing and rejuvenating. The cabin air can be double-filtered, ionized, and infused with aromatherapy, all standard. The front seats are heated and ventilated, and can even be outfitted to offer a "hot stone" massage. The front armrests and twin rear seats are available heated, too.


Advanced power, audible pleasure

Orchestrated output: Engineered to accelerate progress.

The 449-hp biturbo V8 of the S550 4MATIC combines quick response with the efficiency of ECO Start/Stop. It can precisely self-tune its Direct Injection and multispark ignition in a millisecond. Its active exhaust matches its intoxicating power with an enticing soundtrack, unleashing a subtle growl at startup and in the throes of acceleration.

2017 EPA estimated fuel economy is 17 mpg city/25 mpg highway for S550 4MATIC Coupe. Compare the estimated mpg to the estimated mpg of other vehicles. You may get different mileage depending on how fast you drive, weather conditions and trip length.

Hugs the road, rides on air

Composed confidence: Agility on a grand scale.

The S550 4MATIC's multimode, self-leveling AIRMATIC® suspension generates supreme comfort, but it's even more adept at turning pressurized air into poised agility in the curves. A Torque Vectoring Brake feature sharpens the cornering response of the standard 19-inch or available 20-inch AMG® wheels.

Lower aspect ratio tires and accompanying wheels provide substantially increased treadwear, increased tire noise and reduced ride comfort. Serious wheel and tire damage may occur if the vehicle is operated on rough or damaged road surfaces or upon encountering road debris or obstacles. These tires are not designed for use on snow and ice. Winter tires mounted on appropriately sized and approved wheels are recommended for driving in those conditions.

All-wheel grip, all-road grace

Harmonious handling: The attraction of all-wheel traction.

Standard on the S550 Coupe, 4MATIC® all-wheel drive continually sends the engine´s torque to the wheels that can use it best. Lightweight, nimble and efficient, 4MATIC enhances handling and performance in any season. On the S63, AMG Performance 4MATIC brilliantly puts power to the pavement, for quicker launches and crisper cornering.

No system, regardless of how advanced, can overcome the laws of physics or correct careless driving. Please always wear your seat belt. Performance is limited by available traction, which snow, ice and other conditions can affect. Always drive carefully, consistent with conditions. Best performance in snow is obtained with winter tires.

AMG S63 and AMG S65 Coupes

Simultaneous superlatives: The S-Class AMG Coupes

The 577-hp AMG S63 and 621-hp AMG S65 deliver staggering torque from their handcrafted biturbo V8 and V12. But it's in your hands where their rewards are richest. Astounding thrust is matched by exceptional agility and exclusive luxury. In every dimension, the flagship AMG coupes take the depth of their performance pedigree to soaring heights.


The vision of Intelligent Drive
Mercedes-Benz youtube

Visionary safety: Watching the future, to look out for yours.

For decades, the S-Class has predicted the safety standards of the future. Today's S-Class literally looks ahead, and 360 degrees around, to spot hazards in your path. A team of standard and optional systems can alert the driver, assist in braking, and even respond semi-autonomously to help avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians.

Even the most advanced safety systems may not be sufficient to avoid an accident. Systems does not react to certain stationary objects, nor recognize or predict the curvature and/or lane layout of the road or every movement of other vehicles and pedestrians. It is the driver's responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle. Drivers are cautioned not to wait for system alerts before braking, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely. See Operator's Manual for system operating speeds and additional information and warnings. Some systems may be optional.

High-resolution dual displays

Vivid clarity: Instrumentation and information brought to life.

Dual 12.3-inch high-resolution screens combine analog-style instruments with animated displays for driving systems, vehicle settings, entertainment and navigation. A console-mounted touchpad makes the advanced COMAND® system even more intuitive to use. Available innovations include a Head-Up Display and Night View Assist PLUS.

A wider world of entertainment

Virtuoso performance: New dimensions in audio euphoria.

With local, nationwide SiriusXM and global Internet radio, plus multiple ways to bring your own soundtrack, the S-Class offers nearly limitless listening. Two sound systems by Burmester®, Germany's revered name in high-end home audio, offer a choice of lush surround sound or a High-End 3D system that sets a standard in audiophile quality.

The purchase of a new, satellite radio-enabled vehicle includes a 6-month introductory subscription to the Sirius All Access package. SiriusXM Satellite Radio, SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Weather subscriptions are sold separately or as a package after trial period. If you decide to continue your subscription after your trial, the plan you choose will automatically renew and you will be charged according to your chosen payment method at then-current rates. Fees and taxes apply. To cancel you must call SiriusXM at 1-866-635-2349. See SiriusXM Customer Agreement for complete terms at All fees and programming subject to change. Streaming Internet-based features require an active subscription to the mbrace Entertain Package. Burmester is a registered trademark of Burmester Audiosysteme GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

Mercedes-Benz mbrace

Virtually unlimited: The ever-advancing convenience of mbrace.

From your car, computer or phone, mbrace connects you to your world. Enjoy in-vehicle apps like Yelp® and local search. Let remote diagnostic tests help keep your car healthy. And use remote features to start your car, lock the doors, and more, all from the Mercedes me app. Get mbrace® Connect standard for five years with any new model.

All Mercedes-Benz mbrace® services operate only where cellular and Global Positioning System satellite signals are available, which are provided by third parties and not within the control of Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. Five years of the mbrace Connect package are included with new-vehicle sales and leases at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. Subscriber Agreement is required for service to be active. Some services are only available on select vehicles. Your PIN is required in order to use certain services. Some services may be limited or restricted in some areas. Driver is responsible for complying with traffic and other laws. See your dealer or for details.

The Mercedes me app is compatible with Apple iPhone® models running iOS 8.0 or later, and Android-based phones running OS 4.3 or later.