The autonomous Luxury in Motion sits with doors open as electric icons dangle above it.

CASE by Mercedes‑Benz

Four letters that are changing mobility as we know it.


CASE in white letters over a dark blue background.

What is CASE?

Connected. Autonomous. Shared & Services. Electric. These four concepts will shape the future of driving. In fact, they already are. At Mercedes-Benz, we’ve been moving the world for the past century. With the CASE initiative, that tradition will continue as we develop the technologies and advance the ideas that will make the world more accessible for all.


Connected vehicle services allow for instant communication between driver, vehicle and the world beyond.


At Mercedes-Benz, we’re combining personalization and convenience to bring you closer to your car than ever before. From touch to voice – connecting with your vehicle has never been this seamless.

The Mercedes me app is displayed on a smartphone.

Joining Driver and Vehicle

Your Mercedes-Benz is an extension of you. That’s why each new model contains existing features like Remote Start and Lock & Unlock, as well as all-new features like Vehicle Status, Remote Configuration and more.** And as these technologies improve, the connected car possibilities will only continue to grow.

The interior of a vehicle with state-of-the-art technology.

For a Smoother – And Smarter – Experience

Within each vehicle, the cabin is your cockpit. Intuitive operating systems allow you to access apps via touchpads, widescreen displays or voice command. The MBUX system brings vital content to drivers as they go, from navigation to entertainment to vehicle performance. And with Artificial Intelligence built in, it learns your habits and constantly adapts to new information.


Intelligent drive systems from Mercedes-Benz are transforming the way we travel the world.


For Mercedes-Benz, the future of autonomous driving is about giving our drivers back the time stuck in traffic, waiting for lights, commuting and more. Ultimately, this could mean more freedom to truly enjoy the experience in our cars and worry less about the drive.

The driverless smart Vision EQ takes to the streets.

Redefining the Role of the Automobile

Driving will always be our passion at Mercedes-Benz. But autonomous vehicles provide exciting new possibilities for what transportation can look like. They will enhance safety and comfort, and allow travelers to use their time on the road however they wish. And with features like Active Lane Change Assist and Remote Parking Assist, many Mercedes-Benz vehicles are embracing the future already.

A Mercedes-Benz truck is en route.

Building the Trucks of Tomorrow

With Highway Pilot, Mercedes-Benz brings autonomous driving to the trucking industry. An intelligent network enables man and machine to work as one, so that when the driver reaches a long stretch of road, autopilot takes over, for a safer, more efficient journey. Applications like this prove that autonomous driving is here for the long haul.

The autonomous Luxury in Motion lights up the night with its impressive exterior

A System in Sync

From the Luxury in Motion to the smart Vision EQ, Mercedes-Benz concept vehicles are prepared for the future. But is the world really ready for autonomous driving? By partnering with companies like Bosch, we are paving the way for urban development and intelligent software that will allow that journey to commence.

Shared & Services

We’re redefining the meaning of ownership and our relationships to the vehicles we drive.

Shared & Services

Mercedes-Benz is leading the changing dynamic that drivers have with their vehicles, whether owned, leased or shared, and providing more ways than ever for consumers to experience “the best.”

The logo for the company Via

Flexible Ownership

As drivers’ needs evolve, so do their options. And while people will always own cars, ride sharing, subscriptions, and short-term rentals have become attractive. Our partnership with Via helps us provide affordable transportation while reducing traffic in urban areas. Meanwhile, Car2Go lets you rent a nearby Mercedes-Benz from your phone and only pay for the duration of your trip.

The logo for the company moovel

A Better Way for A to B

Driving a Mercedes-Benz is like nothing else. But bikes and buses and trains have their advantages, too. To make sure you have the best travel experience, intermodal mobility explores how different modes of transport can be combined seamlessly. Download the moovel app to try it yourself.


Electric energy is the future. At Mercedes-Benz, we plan to harness it in every way possible.


The Mercedes-Benz EQ lineup of plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles – EQ, EQ Power and EQ Power+ represent a serious commitment to ensuring that the best cars in the world are also the best cars for the world.

Inside a Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicle, fully equipped with the latest technology

Flipping the Switch

The future of mobility is electric. In addition to the electrification of internal combustion engines, Mercedes-Benz will launch more than ten battery-based electric cars by 2022, from agile smart cars to roaring SUVs. With the help of top technologists and a $1 billion production investment, the most cutting-edge electric vehicles will bear the three-pointed star.

A Mercedes-Benz EQ SUV is unveiled at an auto show

The EQ Ecosystem

From electric vehicles to charging services to home energy storage units, the EQ ecosystem is comprised of products, services, technologies and more. All of this will work together to create an extensive charging infrastructure so that clean travel is the preferred method, no matter the distance.

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