The Electric Intelligence concept car displays its digital grille and seamless design.

Mercedes-Benz EQ

Electric intelligence for the world’s greatest automobiles.

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The art of luxury, built on science.

With Mercedes-Benz EQ, the electric future is here. Through expert engineering and cutting-edge technology, the next wave of Mercedes-Benz vehicles will usher in a new era of luxury driving.

An electric EQ grill peaks out from a dark background.

The Advantages of Electric Intelligence

Driving an electric car is not just about having the latest technology. The benefits are universal, from increased safety to the performance of the vehicle itself.

In-Home Charging Solutions

In-Home Charging Solutions

There’s no better place to charge your vehicle than in the comfort of your own garage. That’s why Mercedes-Benz dealers will happily arrange to have a new-generation wallbox installed right in your home, so you can charge overnight and be ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice.

A Cross-Country Electric Landscape

A Cross-Country Electric Landscape

Electric vehicles are transforming America and the world. Part of our mission is to build not just the vehicles you drive, but the infrastructure that supports them. Through partnerships and our own initiatives, we’re providing customers with unprecedented access to charging stations near and far.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are thousands of electric car charging stations all across America, and more are popping up every day. But if you’re unsure what’s near you, head to Here you can see all of the charging stations in your area and plan possible trips to see where you can recharge along the way.

All Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids come with a standard charging cable that plugs right into any normal wall outlet. However, we recommend installing a Level 2 charger, like this one from Bosch, right in your home. That will allow you to charge much faster than a wall outlet, and your Mercedes-Benz dealer will be happy to help you set up the installation.

Every electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid is different. For example, the C 350e Plug-In Hybrid can be fully charged in less than 2.5 hours, and chances are, you will never have to go from empty to full to get where you need to go. In most cases, people charge at home and at work, when their car is parked and they’re busy doing other things.

In many ways, electric vehicles are actually safer than their gas-powered counterparts. Firstly, they don’t carry gasoline, which makes them inherently safer. Instead, they’re powered by Lithium-ion batteries, which carry risks of their own. However, Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles are designed to mitigate that risk with specific parts that keep the battery cool and disable it in the event of an accident.

The common myth is that electric vehicles can only go a short distance. What’s important to remember is that the typical driver covers about 29[1] miles per day, and the average range of an electric vehicle is 250 miles, a number that’s increasing every year. To get a better picture of where your electric vehicle can take you, and how many charging stations there are along the way, try the Trip Planner on

[1] The figure can be pulled from AAA, newsroom.

Yes. In fact, they perform even better in areas like torque and acceleration. Because the drive system is electric as opposed to mechanical, the reaction is instant, without the lag of a typical gas engine. At the same time, electric vehicles are quieter and smoother for a more pleasant driving experience.

All vehicles with an EQ badge have an electric or semi-electric powertrain. EQ vehicles are fully electric, with no gas component whatsoever, whereas vehicles with EQ Power are hybrids, featuring an electric motor alongside a traditional internal combustion engine. Vehicles with EQ Power+ are high-performance hybrids from Mercedes-AMG that use electric technology for enhanced all-around performance.

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