Mercedes-Benz & Golf

Mercedes-Benz & Golf

Focus, persistence and a concentration of power. These qualities are why we’ve been fans of the sport for generations and a supporting partner for decades.

Mercedes-Benz Dealer Championships

Golf ball and club

Get in the game. Give back to the community.

Offering you a chance to compete on local, regional and national levels while helping a variety of worthy causes, the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Championships have raised over $35 million for US charities since 1993.

Hole-in-one challenge

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

The rewards extend beyond the competition, the camaraderie and the trophies. For starters, every participant has the opportunity to win a new Mercedes-Benz at the local and sectional events in our Hole-in-One challenge. But most importantly, they get the chance to be a champion — not only on the course, but for a cause.

Rickie Fowler

Mercedes-Benz Golf Brand Ambassador

Fowler in front of two MB cars

Eye-popping wardrobe. Head-turning talent.

Known for his colorful style and easygoing manner, professional golfer Rickie Fowler follows his own road. On the course, the California native and motocross enthusiast shows the play and poise that make him a perfect mixture of style and substance – something we know a little bit about.

Jon Rahm

Mercedes-Benz Golf Brand Ambassador

Rahm leaning on MB car

Striking power, from tee to green.

In his rise through the professional ranks, Jon Rahm quickly put his stamp on the game. He plays with a fiery passion and laser-like focus, making him a favorite among fans. Meanwhile, his power off the tee and touch on the greens allows his game to speak for itself, a quality we all admire.

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