Mercedes-Benz has been in business for over 125 years, an achievement only made possible by the approval of our customers. To help show our gratitude, we endeavor to be active in the community and do some good where we can, when we can. After all, in the end, what you get out of life is equal to what you put into it -- and we're committed to putting in as much as possible.
Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy

As a long-time leader in vehicle safety and innovation, Mercedes-Benz introduces Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy - - the first international driving school, with a focus on programs educating teen drivers. Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy in Los Angeles offers a CA-state DMV-certified curriculum to help drivers make better decisions behind the wheel, and play a positive role in creating safer drivers.

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MBUSA Autism
Finding the confidence to become their best selves.

Autism has the highest rate of unemployment among any diagnosed disability group. Worse, lack of employment means lack of interaction with other people, which only exacerbates the difficulties of living with autism. One dealer in Tampa, Fla. is doing what he can to help that.

Taking a holistic approach to sustainable manufacturing.

For Mercedes-Benz, part of community service is ensuring not only that our products have as little environmental impact as possible, but that our manufacturing methods do, too. It's called holistic manufacturing, and it's the type of approach expected of a company committed to delivering the best.

Mercedes-Benz dedicated $3.3M to Laureus Sport for Good Foundation since 2012

Inspiring Change Through Sport

By teaming up with Tony Hawk, Martina Navratilova, Michael Johnson and other legendary athletes, Mercedes-Benz and The Laureus Foundation are committed to helping disenfranchised young people around the world enjoy a better life through the power of sport.

2013 Year in Review

Continuing its longstanding tradition of community support, Mercedes-Benz USA and Laureus USA have teamed up with Up2UsĀ“ Coach Across America program to train and place 650 coaches serving 90,000 young people in underserved neighborhoods within 15 U.S. cities.

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  • Laureus2.jpgHarnessing the power of sports, the Laureus Foundation promotes social change and sporting excellence.1
  • Laureus3.jpgThe next generation of great athletes shoot hoops with Marcus Allen.2
  • Laureus4.jpgKids get ready to shoot baskets with an NFL Hall of Famer and an Olympic gold medalist.3
  • Laureus5.jpgBy day's end, a new crop of athletes discovered the value of sports in building dedication and character.4
  • MIAMI-MONICA-SELES.jpgLaureus Academy Member Monica Seles and the MBUSA Southern Region team supporting youth at a sport for development project in Miami, Touching Miami with Love.5

Harnessing the power of sports, the Laureus Foundation promotes social change and sporting excellence.

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Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund - MB In the Community

Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund

Inspired by Col. John M. McHugh, who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to his country, the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund provides college scholarships and grants, financial aid for professional certification programs and non-degree programs, and educational career counseling and mentorship to veterans and their families in need. The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund is committed to providing support to those affected by the global war on terror, and Mercedes-Benz is proud to be a corporate sponsor.