An exclusive selection of exquisite paint, leather and interior trim options, designo is the ultimate expression of your style and Mercedes-Benz quality.

The beauty of a Mercedes-Benz is how it blends innovation you never imagined with craftsmanship we never forgot. designo offers refinement and individuality on an even more rewarding level. Exotic choices and colors in paint, leather and interior trim are crafted with a personal touch, from their selection to their fitment to your automobile. With exquisitely tailored packages and a gallery of individual elements, designo expresses your appreciation of design and our attention to detail like nothing else.

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Exterior paints

    Interior leather

      Interior Trim

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        • CL63_paint_Graphite.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints


        • CL63_paint_MysticBlue.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Mystic Blue

        • CL63_paint_MochaBlack.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Mocha Black

        • CL63_paint_MagnoPlatinum.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Magno Platinum

        • CL63_paint_MagnoCashmereWhite.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Magno Cashmere White

        • CL63_paint_MauritiusBlue.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Mauritius Blue

        • CL63_paint_MysticBrown.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Mystic Brown

        • CL63_paint_MysticRed.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Mystic Red

        • CL63_paint_PlatinumBlack.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Platinum Black

        • CL63_paint_MagnoAlaniteGrey.png
          CL-63 AMG Exterior paints

          Magno Alanite Grey



        Design with distinction

        With a diverse palette of exclusive colors, materials and combinations, designo lets you create a Mercedes-Benz that's a personal expression of you. You can select individual elements to create your own masterpiece, or impeccably tailored editions with a customized flair.


        designo paintwork choices include a selection of deep high-gloss colors as well as ultramodern low-sheen matte finishes on many models.


        Lavishly supple Nappa leathers are offered in both solid-color and two-tone motifs with rich Black trim. Rich, suedelike DINAMICA ceiling trim is but one of numerous premium details in most designo cabins.

        Cabin trim

        Cabin appointments can be trimmed in exotic woods, piano lacquers, leather and even genuine granite. The plush velour floor mats are hand-stitched with leather borders to match the seats.

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        • SL550_leather_ClassicRed.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather

          Classic Red

        • SL550_leather_DeepWhite.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather

          Deep White

        • SL550_leather_LightBrown.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather

          Light Brown

        • SL550_leather_PlatinumWhite.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather

          Platinum White

        • SL550_leather_Sand.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather


        • SL550_leather_SiennaBrown.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather

          Sienna Brown

        • SL550_leather_TitaniumGreyPearl.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather

          Titanium Grey Pearl

        • SL550_leather_TuscanyBeigePearl.jpg
          SL-Class Interior Leather

          Tuscany Beige Pearl



        Attention in every dimension

        From advanced paints to hand-polished wood, the finishes of designo are different from the start, both in the quality of the source materials and the expertise in their creation.


        designo paintwork uses a multi-layer process and an ultra-durable nano-technology clearcoat embedded with tiny ceramic particles. designo Magno paints feature a matte topcoat that helps resist environmental damage.


        Extremely supple Exclusive Nappa leather hides are sourced from southern Germany. A semi-aniline dye process reveals their naturally smooth grain, requiring hides that are virtually free of imperfections to begin with.

        Cabin trim

        The wood and stone for cabin trims are hand-selected for the most aesthetically pleasing grain and texture. Even the rarest woods are sourced in accordance with the strict Mercedes-Benz standards for sustainability and responsible foresting.

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        • designo_S-Class.jpg
          S-Class Leather upholstery

          Deep Sea Blue/Silk Beige Exclusive Nappa


        Expert hands, exacting eyes

        A designo Mercedes-Benz is a personal expression not only of its owner, but also of the highly skilled, deeply devoted men and women who craft it.


        Each layer of designo paint is expertly applied by highly experienced artisans. Extensive attention to detail brings out every highlight of its character, from its metallic shimmer to its deep gloss or low-sheen matte finish.


        All of the hides gathered to upholster a single vehicle are matched by eye for uniformity of grain and color, then cut, sewn and fitted with an extraordinary level of handwork.

        Cabin trim

        Wood trim is also matched for consistent grain and visual "feel", then hand-finished in a multi-layer process. Piano lacquers are crafted by hand-polishing coat after coat of lacquer until an unfathomably deep gloss is achieved.

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        † Stated rates of acceleration are based upon manufacturer's track results and may vary depending on model, environmental and road surface conditions, driving style, elevation and vehicle load.

        ‡ With optional trailer hitch. Read Operator's Manual before towing. In some states, aftermarket trailer brakes are required. See dealer for details.