An exclusive selection of exquisite paint, leather and interior trim options.

Elevating the craftsmanship of Mercedes-Benz to a more personal, more handcrafted level is no easy task. At the designo workshop at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, Germany, it takes over 250 artisans to transform the desires of our customers into exquisitely unique versions of our standard-production vehicles. Paintwork choices include deep, high-gloss colors as well as ultramodern, low-sheen matte finishes. And simply creating one seat cover uses five square meters of leather — not counting the amount rejected for not meeting our exacting standards. With exquisitely tailored packages and a gallery of individual elements, designo is the ultimate expression of your style and Mercedes-Benz quality.

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For a vehicle as distinct as the person driving it.


With a diverse palette of exclusive colors, materials and combinations, designo invites you to create a Mercedes-Benz that´s a personal expression of you. You can create your own masterpiece by selecting individual elements, or choose from our impeccably tailored editions to enjoy a customized flair.

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Attention in every dimension.

From advanced paints to hand-polished wood, the finishes of designo are different from the start, both in the quality of the source materials and the expertise in their creation. You´ll notice it in the supple Nappa leather hides we bring in from southern Germany. Or in the rare, sustainably sourced woods hand-selected from around the world. Or perhaps it´s that extra layer of clearcoat that brings a distinguished finish to the exterior. Every detail contributes to an overwhelming atmosphere of luxury.

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Expert hands, exacting eyes


Every designo Mercedes-Benz is an expression of its owner. But it is also the expression of the highly skilled, deeply devoted men and women who have crafted it. After completing a multi-year apprenticeship, they´re trusted with ensuring that each layer of paint brings out the character of the vehicle. That only the finest hides, uniform in grain and color, find their way onto the seats. That wood trim is hand-finished to achieve an unfathomably deep gloss. If a Mercedes-Benz is the automobile raised to the condition of art, then a designo Mercedes-Benz is the work of true masters.

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designo Manufaktur

A unique world of possibilities.


The designo philosophy is all about tailored, individual beauty. With designo Manfaktur, we help fulfill our customers´ most individual wishes in an exclusive workshop where artisans embrace high-quality, small-scale production to achieve a specific vision. It allows customers to take personalization one step further and choose from unique paint colors, including historic Mercedes-Benz tones or colors from a different model line. On the interior, they can choose from bespoke leathers, rare color combinations, or a full leather headliner on certain vehicles. With designo Manufaktur, the result is a luxury vehicle that stands out — even among other luxury vehicles.

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Your Mercedes-Benz dealer will be happy to answer your questions, show you paint and trim samples, and help you order your own designo vehicle.

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