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Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories

Uncompromising, down to even the smallest detail

When you drive a Mercedes-Benz, you do so for the best of reasons. Why should your choice of accessories be governed by different standards? Pioneering when it comes to design and technology, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories deliver on the promises of a major brand.

Design & Development

Crafted for your Mercedes-Benz, by Mercedes-Benz


Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories make your dream car a reality - while - ensuring that it remains a Mercedes-Benz through and through:

  • Individualization options are developed in accordance with the Mercedes-Benz car design philosophy.
  • The use of CAD data from Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Development ensures precision-fit accessories.
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    Quality & Safety

    The integrity you've come to expect

    When it comes to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, quality and safety are paramount. You can feel equally safe with Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories as a result of:

  • Stringent safety measures and extensive load testing, including the use of crash test facilities and the wind tunnel.
  • Harmonized development of both vehicle and Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories.
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    Function & Operation

    Designed to complement, not complicate

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories form part of the vehicle concept from the outset. This results in impressive functional solutions:

  • Fully integrated telematics products can be operated safely and conveniently using the multifunctional steering wheel.
  • Roof-mounted carrier systems can be fitted quickly and without the use of additional tools.
  • Instructions and manuals are in standard format and easy to understand.
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    Advice & Fitting

    The support of certified expertise

    No one is as familiar with the ins and outs of your vehicle as our dealers. And the same goes for Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories:

  • Contact your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for expert advice.
  • Trust Mercedes-Benz specialists when it comes to fitting Genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories.
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    Lifestyle & Classic Collection

    Express your automotive allegiance (and pass it on to family and friends) with our range of finely crafted offerings designed exclusively for Mercedes-Benz.

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