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Last updated: Apr 03, 2021
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Takata Airbag Inflator Recall

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Takata Replacement Airbag Availability

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*Please note that vehicles included in this recall have been organized into priority groups according to the state in which the vehicle is registered. A change in state registration may affect the vehicle's inclusion in a priority group.

Airbag Availability for:

Affected Airbag Position Estimated Part Availability Date
Driver's Side Not Affected
Passenger's Side Not Affected
You will be notified when parts are available at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership for your vehicle. If parts are available, please use the dealer locator tool below and schedule and appointment for your FREE repair.
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Dear Valued Mercedes-Benz Owner,

The automotive industry is facing an unprecedented challenge with respect to the recall of Takata airbags. As you probably know, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ("NHTSA") has made the determination that millions of Takata airbags are potentially defective and the inflators in these airbags, if defective, could explode causing injury or even death. Mercedes-Benz uses these driver-side and passenger-side Takata airbags in many of its vehicles and, given NHTSA's determination that a safety risk exists, we are recalling Mercedes-Benz vehicles which use the affected airbags. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priority.

Given the sheer size of the total affected vehicle population, NHTSA is making determinations as to when and to whom available airbags are allocated under its Coordinated Remedy Program. This means that we are subject to parts availability constraints as we seek to bring Mercedes-Benz vehicles back to our dealerships to have these airbags replaced. This is not a desirable situation but it is one over which we have little control.

We ask for your patience as we work through these logistics. You have our assurance that we are bringing every resource to bear in order to address this issue so as to effect a remedy and minimize the inconvenience to you.

We will keep this page updated with information as it becomes available and will, of course, inform you individually as the parts become available. Should you need additional assistance, please visit, and use the "Email/Write" section under Customer Support, or call 1-877-496-36911-877-496-3691.

Once again, we sincerely regret any disruption or inconvenience this situation may have caused and ask for your understanding and your patience as we address this issue.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

What is the Takata recall?

Daimler AG was informed that Takata submitted a "Defect Information Report" to NHTSA in the US on January 25, 2016, reporting a potential safety defect for SDI and PSDI-5 driver-side airbag inflators. Takata's investigation of affected inflators to date indicates that exposure to certain environmental conditions (several years of exposure to persistent conditions of high absolute humidity), could lead to over-aggressive combustion in the event of a driver's-side air bag deployment.

On May 16, 2016, Takata submitted an additional "Defect Information Report" to NHTSA that included PSPI-2 passenger-side airbag inflators.

In a crash where the air bag system deploys, the air bag inflator housing may rupture. In the event of an inflator rupture, metal fragments could pass through the air bag material, which may result in injury or death to vehicle occupants. To date, we are not aware of any instances of ruptured inflators in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

TAKATA completion Rate Customer Outreach
Takata FAQs
Driver-Side Airbags – Affected Models
  • M-Class
  • ML320 Diesel2009-2010
  • ML3502009-2011
  • ML450 Hybrid2010-2011
  • ML5502009-2011
  • AMG ML632009-2011
  • GL-Class
  • GL320 Diesel2009-2010
  • GL350 Diesel2011-2012
  • GL4502009-2012
  • GL5502009-2012
  • R-Class
  • R320 Diesel2009-2010
  • R3502009-2012
  • SLK-Class
  • SLK2802007-2008
  • SLK3502007-2008
  • AMG SLK552007-2008
  • GLK-Class
  • GLK3502010-2012
  • SLS-Class
  • SLS2011-2014
  • E-Class
  • E3502010-2011
  • E5502010-2011
  • AMG E632010-2011
  • C-Class
  • C2302005-2007
  • C3002008-2011
  • C3202005
  • C3502006-2011
  • AMG C632009-2011
Passenger-Side Airbags – Affected Models (Note: The vehicles with affected passenger-side airbags below also have affected driver-side airbags.)
  • GLK-Class
  • GLK3502010-2011
  • GLK350 4MATIC2010-2011
  • SLS-Class
  • SLS2011
  • E-Class
  • E350 Coupe2010-2011
  • E550 Coupe2010-2011
  • E350 Cabriolet2011
  • E550 Cabriolet2011
  • C-Class
  • C3002008-2011
  • C300 4MATIC2008-2011
  • C3502008-2011
  • AMG C632009-2011

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