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Leasing a Mercedes-Benz

By leasing, you’ll enjoy the freedom of driving a new vehicle every few years.

Benefits of Leasing

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Customized Mileage and Terms

Your mileage and term options are set according to your driving profile, but we’ll be happy to customize your mileage allowance and lease length (certain limits apply).

Leasing FAQs

Registration and Tax

As a lessee, you are responsible for:payment of license plate and registration fees, sales and personal property taxes, and parking tickets and other traffic citations.See your lease for further details.

If you need to update your Billing and/or Garaging Address, you can do so while logged in to mbfs.com by selecting "Update Personal Info," or on the My MBFS app. You may also include your new address on the Invoice Remittance when you send in your monthly payment, or call the Client Services Center at 1.800.654.6222. Changes to your Garaging Address (this pertains to lease accounts only) may result in a tax increase or decrease on your account. For more information on the tax impact of changing your Garaging Address, please contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For assistance in locating the DMV for your state, you may visit www.onlinedmv.com.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will provide you the documentation for registration in your new state. Just give us your new address using one of the following two options:
- Call the Client Service Center at 1.800.654.6222.
- Include your new address on the Invoice Remittance form when you send your monthly payment.

Generally speaking, all taxes assessed to your leased vehicle are your responsibility. For more information, review your copy of the lease agreement, or call the Client Service Center at 1.800.654.6222.

Sales Tax is assessed and collected by the state in which a customer resides. Sales tax is billed either monthly or upfront depending on the state law. If the account is billed for upfront sales tax, the tax must be paid upon execution of your lease agreement. If it is billed as monthly sales tax, the tax will be added to the monthly payment amount. All sales tax must be paid on time to avoid possible negative effects on your credit.
Personal property tax is collected by the tax assessor's office in the county/city in which the vehicle is registered and/or garaged. Personal property tax is billed monthly, annually or semi-annually depending on that county/city's billing process.
The taxing authority dictates the amount of taxes owed and the timing of the invoice(s). Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will receive a bill from the taxing authority, and will pay the amount directly to the taxing authority; this amount will be charged to your account.
In some states, both sales tax and personal property tax may be assessed on your vehicle.

Leased vehicles are restricted to the United States. However, limited vacation arrangements may be made for up to 30 days in Mexico and Canada. Please call 1.800.654.6222 for details and assistance.

Please pay the registration renewal upon notification. Occasionally, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is notified by the California Department of Motor Vehicles about an overdue registration renewal. Upon receipt of the notice of overdue registration, MBFS will pay the outstanding amount and any penalties or fees and charge your account for the amount.


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC must be listed on your comprehensive and collision coverage as the "loss payee" and as "additional insured" for liability coverage. Please have your insurance agent send complete documentation of all policies, renewals or cancellations to:

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
Insurance Services Department
P.O. Box 685
Roanoke, TX 76262-1800

Your First Class Lease agreement requires these minimum coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability not less than $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence
  • Property damage liability not less than $50,000
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage for the actual cash value of the vehicle
  • $2,500 maximum allowed deductible

All thefts and damage must be reported to your insurance carrier and to the Client Service Center at (866) 321-8351. An authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer should repair damages. Substandard repairs could cause charges at the end of your lease.

The check should be jointly issued to Daimler Trust and you. To speed up the release of your vehicle from the body shop, promptly send joint-payee checks, after you endorse them, to the address below. This is the only address that is authorized to endorse these checks. Insurance checks over certain amounts may require the physical inspection of repairs before Mercedes-Benz Financial Services can endorse the check. Please enclose the name and telephone number of the body shop, the insurance estimate, a copy of the body shop repair order, and notate your account number on the check. Send to:

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
Insurance Services Department
13650 Heritage Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76177

The difference between the actual cash value of the vehicle paid by your insurance company and the net outstanding balance owed to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is covered by a GAP Waiver under the terms of your lease agreement. This protection applies as long as your insurance is in place at the time of the loss and your monthly lease payments are current up to the time Mercedes-Benz Financial Services receives the proceeds from your insurance company. You will also be responsible to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services for an amount equal to your policy's deductible. For more information, call our Client Service Center at 800.654.6222.

If you're renewing, canceling or changing carriers, have your agent send a copy of your new policy or binder to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services immediately at the address below. The "loss payee" and "additional insured" names should remain the same. Cancellation notices must be received by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services within 30 days of the effective date. Send to:

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
Insurance Services Department
P.O. Box 685
Roanoke,TX 76262-1800

Vehicle Care

The terms of your First Class Lease require you to have your vehicle serviced as recommended by the manufacturer and have all necessary repairs made. Refer to your Owner's Manual for specific maintenance policies and schedules.

The standard for excess wear and use is set forth in your lease.

You could be billed for repairs that don't meet the standards of the manufacturer. The best way to avoid this is to have your vehicle serviced by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer. To find the one nearest you, call 1.800.FOR MERCEDES (1.800.367.6372) or visit MBUSA.com. Please refer to your First Class Lease agreement for specific details.


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will be notified by the citing authority of any citations incurred by you, the lessee. MBFS pays parking and toll tickets and adds the charges to your account. First notices of speeding and red-light tickets are forwarded to you. If MBFS receives a second notice for a speeding or red-light ticket, we will pay the amount of the ticket and any penalties or fees assessed and charge that amount to your account. Per the lease contract, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services may charge an administration fee for paying such tickets. Please refer to your contract for the fee. When you receive a forwarded ticket, you should pay the ticket directly to the citing authority and keep record of that payment.

The Municipality sent the parking ticket to us for payment which may have included penalties. If you have paid the violation, please send us a copy of your payment receipt (front and back), along with the citation number. You can fax this information to us at 877-281-2087, Attn: Parking Tickets. If you prefer, you can mail the documentation to us at P.O. Box 685, Roanoke, TX 76262, Attn: Citations Department. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will review the citation and the date that the payment(s) were received by the Municipality. If your initial payment was received in full by the Municipality, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will request a refund from the Municipality. If the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services payment was received by the Municipality first, you will need to contact the Municipality for a refund.

The fee is assessed to each parking ticket to cover the administrative costs associated with handling the violation.

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Financing a Vehicle

If you’re interested in learning about your vehicle financing options, our Financing page provides all the information you need.

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