First Class Term Protection

First Class Term Protection

First Class Term Protection covers the cost to repair or replace several of the parts and the related labor that can result from normal vehicle wear and tear[3]. The following is a list of the eligible parts for each of our available plans.

Standard Plan Coverage Includes:

  • One (1) set of front and rear brake pads
  • One (1) auxiliary battery
  • One (1) wheel alignment
  • One (1) tire balance (per year)
  • Belts & hoses
  • Non-LED lights & fuses
  • One (1) vehicle key fob battery
Premium Plan Coverage Also Includes:
  • One (1) set of front and rear rotors
Coverage exclusions may apply[4]:
  • Carbon/Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Batteries
  • LED Lights/bulbs
  • Carbon/Ceramic Rotors (excluded from Premium Plan)
  • Diagnostic charges where proper repair readily apparent
  • Maintenance on the vehicle
  • Shop supplies, storage or disposal fees
  • Expense due to accidents, collision, weather, vandalism, alterations to the vehicle or part, aftermarket products not approved by manufacturer
  • Mechanical breakdown caused by misuse or abuse of vehicle, improper towing, lack of maintenance of the covered part, environmental damage, failure of a non-covered
         part, pre-existing condition
  • Vehicle's odometer has been altered or disconnected
  • Repairs made without prior authorization

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