CLA 2018

Once upon a dream, you find yourself at the end of a dim hallway with three doors. The first door opens to a museum — bright and modern, it pulses with fascinating exhibits of technology. Through the second door is a fashionable store, its display case filled with high-end merchandise from all of your favorite names. You barely crack the third door open, and all of the sounds and sensations of a racetrack — tires singing, turbos whistling, crews wrenching — thunder into the hallway. Behind you, an unseen voice intones, "Go ahead, pick a door. You can’t have all…" and right then, you bolt awake.

Fine, you mutter as you prepare for the day ahead. Got it … can only have one door. You check your phone, noting all the likes last night’s post got before slipping it into your pocket. You pick up your wallet, admiring its silver logo and fine leather for a moment. Ready to head out, you grab the key to your car — a new CLA. Savoring its shape in your hand, you think again about that voice.

Awakening the dream within.
You didn’t plan this when you parked last night, but your CLA is poised like it’s waiting for your return. The morning sun highlights its curving muscles. The driver seat invites you into its embrace. And as you tap the start button, the turbo hums a mellower rendition of the snarling soundtrack from the dream. A few minutes later, three of your friends climb in, and your weekend begins with conversation and a quick decision on where to stop for coffee. As each of you exits the car, you hear it. In fact, you feel it. And right then, you get it: The dream? You’re living it. And it has four doors.

The joy of specs.
Numbers that are unsurpassed make the AMG CLA 45 even harder to pass up. Its 26.1 psi of turbo boost leads its class. Its 375 hp out-outputs all other 4-cylinders. And its 188 hp/liter leads the industry.16 The AMG 2.0L turbo engine — each one handcrafted and signed — sends 350 lb-ft of torque to all four 18" or 19" AMG® wheels1 via an AMG SPEEDSHIFT® DCT 7-speed and torque-vectoring AMG Performance 4MATIC.® And it can vault to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.4

The attraction of power.
With an aero-aggressive body, exclusive cockpit, and racing-bred AMG brakes, suspension and exhaust, the CLA 45 is exhilarating out of the box. Check off a few option boxes, and it’s breathtaking: The AMG Performance Exhaust can unleash its fury with the push of a button. AMG RIDE CONTROL pairs two-stage damping with a RACE mode. And the AMG DYNAMIC PLUS Package adds to that a limited-slip front diff and 167-mph top speed.17 Now please exhale.