January 14 2013


Mercedes-Benz, smart and Sprinter All Set Records

MONTVALE, N.J. - Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) today reported its highest year on record with 305,072 vehicles sold in 2012, representing a 15.4% increase over the 264,460 vehicles sold during the same period in 2011.  The Mercedes-Benz model line alone also recorded a record year with sales of 274,134 for the year, up 11.8%. Smart and Sprinter model lines both achieved their highest volumes under the MBUSA umbrella with smart sales increasing 92.2% to 10,009 while a record month for Sprinter took the brand to 20,929 for 2012, an increase of 26.3%.

"A strong product offensive backed our retail network's commitment to providing a world-class ownership experience put the wind at our back and enabled us to outperform the market and take the brand to new heights in the U.S.," said Steve Cannon, president & CEO of MBUSA.  "We're going to ride that momentum into 2013 with new products across the entire model line from entry point to flagship."

For December, the Mercedes-Benz product line alone posted sales of 28,145 vehicles (up 9.5% from 25,701 in December 2011) bringing MBUSA sales to a best-ever 31,372, up 12.0% from the 28,006 vehicles sold in December 2011.

Strong sales were recorded across the model line.  The sporty C-Class - the gateway to the Mercedes-Benz brand for younger and first-time Mercedes-Benz buyers - recorded its highest year on record with sales of 81,697, up 17.9% over its year-to-date volume in 2011.  The 9th generation E-Class followed with sales of 65,171, and the M-Class, MBUSA's top-selling SUV, rounded out the top three with sales of 38,101. 

For December, sales at the high-end increased as well, with combined sales of S-, CL- and SL-Class vehicles increasing 18.9% percent to 17,416 (when compared to the 14,650 vehicles sold in 2011).

Separately, sales of Sprinter Vans increased by 39.9% for the month with sales of 2,231 compared to the 1,595 vehicles sold in December 2011.

Sales of the smart fortwo totaled 996 vehicles in December, up 40.3% for the month (compared to the 710 vehicles sold in December 2011).  

Sales of the high-performance AMG models were 6,658 for the year a 27.5% increase of the 5,220 vehicles sold over the same period last year. 

Sales of the company's BlueTEC diesel models were up 7.4% for the year at 15,416 compared to the 14,358 diesels sold in 2011.

             Additionally, through the Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) program, MBUSA sold 6,949 vehicles in December; an increase of 13.7% when compared to December 2011 (sales of 6,112 vehicles).  On a year-to-date basis, MBCPO sold 80,380 vehicles, an increase of 7.8% over the comparable period (with sales of 74,571 vehicles).

About Mercedes-Benz USA

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, is responsible for the distribution, marketing and customer service for all Mercedes-Benz  products in the United States.  MBUSA offers drivers the most diverse line-up in the luxury segment with 14 model lines ranging from the sporty C-Class to the flagship S-Class sedans and the SLS AMG supercar.

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